it’s still essential to look our best at every occasion, and that’s why we believe in enhancing one’s own existent beauty through makeup at NSH. Makeup can boost our self-confidence and make us feel good about ourselves. Our makeup artists are experts in their field and understand the art of magnifying natural beauty. They can transform your features with the right makeup and techniques.

Whether it’s a party, engagement, wedding, or any other event, our makeup artists can provide you with the perfect look that compliments your personality and style. We also offer outdoor makeup services for family and corporate events, provided that you book in advance. NSH has a team of the best makeup artists available on pre-booked appointments only. We also provide makeup services for photo shoots, fashion shows, and stage shows, ensuring you look your best at every event.

Beauty is skin deep but you need to look your best on every occasion , so we do Make up as it adds to our self confidence and gives us a feel good factor. A good makeup can completely make over your features and we at NSH believe that everyone is born beautiful you just have to highlight those features to look awesome.
Our makeup artists believe in enhancing your existing beauty and that’s an art in itself. Be it party makeup, engagement or bridal, our team also travels on outdoor locations to cover family and corporate events on prior booking.
At NSH we have the best makeup artists on our panel who are available on pre booked appointments only. We also offer outdoor services for your special occasions like weddings, Parties and also for Photo shoots and formal events like Fashion shows and stage shows.

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