Hand & Feet

At NSH we understand the importance of a pampering session. Our highly trained technicians follow strict hygiene protocols and use world-class products to provide you with the pampering your Hands & Feet deserve.

Choose from three specially curated Hand & Feet spas.

1) Classic
Our Classic service is a safe and hygienic four-step process that gently cleanses, scrubs, moisturizes, and massages your hands and feet.

Our technicians are trained to pamper you and give you that rejuvenated experience you yearn for. Following strict hygiene protocols, world-class products & highly-trained skills – we are determined to provide the best possible service. 

Explore a range of products, some of them totally made out of natural ingredients for an enhanced experience. 

We have 3 categories in hands and feet care, all are mono-doses (one time use packaging) more hygiene and safe

1) Classic
A safe and hygienic way to gently clean and hydrate your hands and feet with a 4 step process. CLEAN, SCRUB, MOISTURIZE & MASSAGE

2) Premium

For a more indulgent experience, our Premium service uses natural botanical extracts, Vitamin E, hydrochloric acid, marine collagen, pro-vitamin B5, and fruit AHA’s to treat your mind, body, and soul while surrounding you with the invigorating aroma of tea tree and peppermint.

3) Signature

Finally, our Signature service is our most luxurious offering. It’s an eight-step process that uses Pure Nectar as the primary ingredient in all steps. Our botanical body care products are created in aroma labs using natural ingredients that are plant-based, non-petroleum mineral, water, and other natural resources. The Signature service provides an exquisite experience that blends flower and plant extracts in artful ways to create an unforgettable aroma.

2) Premium

A five step process with natural botanical extracts, Vitamin E , Hydrochloric acid, marine collagen, pro vitamin B5 and fruit AHA’s to treat your mind body and soul with the aroma of tea tree and peppermint

3) Signature
Our top of the line most loved pedicure and manicure. Feel the goodness of nature and the science of well being.

It is a luxurious 8 step process, with PURE NECTAR being the primary ingredient in all the steps. Experience exquisite botanical body care with natural ingredients that are plant based, non-petroleum mineral, water and other natural resources. These are created in botanical aroma labs, with nectars and artful blends of flower and plant extracts.

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