Dry Frizzy Hair

The special formula based on essential oils, white clay and microgranules of volcanic perlite, creates an exfoliating and purifying action, deeply removing impurities and promoting skin regeneration.

The SCRUB eliminates all impurities such as dandruff, dead cells and excess sebum from the scalp, promoting cell renewal.

The SHAMPOO cleanses the skin by oxygenating it, preventing the formation of dandruff with a targeted sebum-regulating action.

Restore the natural microbial balance of the scalp. Book a treatment today.

The special formula based on Organic Witch Hazel creates a moisturizing, nourishing and protective action. The restructuring and conditioning effect is given by vitamin E which improves the health and appearance of the hair.

SHAMPOO & MASK for dry, frizzy and brittle hair.It nourishes, conditions and smoothes, taking care of the hair fragility and dryness. An exceptional, nourishing, restructuring and moisturizing treatment to restore the right balance of hair and scalp.