Chemically Treated Hair

Make Your Hair Live The Spring!

Our hair has undergone the stress of winter, pollution, low temperatures and closure within the home.
Now with the spring, it’s time to give new strength, new energy and shine to our hair.

Make your hair bloom!

Follow our experts advice, with specific shampoos and masks for colored, treated, dry and brittle hair. 

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The special formula based on Organic Macadamia Oil repairs, regenerates, protects and nourishes dull and dehydrated hair. A concentrate of vitamins to restore hair health.

SHAMPOO & MASK for treated, colored, permed, straightened and damaged hair, with a nourishing, protective action on the hair fiber. It acts in depth by closing the cuticles, sealing the cortex and maintaining color and hydration for a long time.

Sles Free - Silicon Free- Paraben Free - Petrolatum Free - Compostable

Products of CURA biOTHERAPY line feature for the high concentration of active ingredients with moisturizing, nourishing, reconstructive and regenerating action.